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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Plan to Lose Weight Today!

How did you go over the Christmas / new year break?  With the endless parties with family and friends to attend.  I love this time of the year because everyone is in good spirits and they make the time to get together, but it is SO HARD to maintain your weight and It is very hard if you are trying to lose weight.
Between the too much food and the too much alcohol – I think people trying to lose weight (or at least trying to maintain what they have previously lost) at this time of year should be given medals. 

Welcome to 2011- it should be a great year!  Now is the time to start to set up realistic goals for yourself this year.

What do you want?  Is it to lose weight or just to become fitter?  Once you know what you want- start to plan it.  My goal is to lose 33lbs this year. 

If you have just decided that it is time to lose weight – I would like you to think about something else.  I believe that you need to look at your whole life- and see what’s working and what’s not.  If your life is not how you want it to be – you can change it. 

It’s time to start thinking about you…after all you are always thinking about your friends, spouse, kids, dogs, work, colleagues…it’s time for YOU!  The more happier you are with yourself, your weight and your life – there will be more of you to support all of your family & friends much better than you can now.

 I hope I didn’t lose you in the last paragraph- but I am really passionate about self improvement, after speaking with many friends, attending conferences, speaking with psychologists and watching plenty of news articles- there is a HUGE link between how you feel and how you look.  Ie: there is a reason why u are overweight, think hard & try to find the reason, if you find it & can deal with it-then the weight loss will come. 

If you deal with your other issues and you change your thinking and your outlook – this is the path to losing weight.  This is not an easy path and you may fall off the path every now and again, but let’s lose weight one small step at a time.

Re-establish your purpose in life

What are your new years resolutions? Maybe set a day & time for exercising (or move more than you did yesterday), drink more water, enjoy life.

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