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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Which Diet / Weight Loss Program Should you choose?

There are soooo many diet solutions and weight loss promises out there.  Some work, but sadly many do not.  To get the best results will involve you trialling a few different methods and plans before you are successful.  

One thing I know...if it says it is instant weight loss or big weight loss- you don't want to do these products.  Even if they work, do you really want to look like those people on the biggest loser?? Sure they lost a lot of weight and good on them- the only problem is that they now have heaps of excess skin that they will have to have surgically removed.

Most of the well known weight loss programs such as weight watchers, jenny craig and oprah say that losing about 
2 pounds a week is a healthy weight loss.  This sort of weight loss can also be permanent- whereas if you lose more weight than that you run the risk of excess skin, heart problems, other health problems and putting the weight back on.

The most simple diet secret….You must eat less calories than your body uses!  It’s as simple as that….

This does not mean that you have to eat less food- maybe it means you need to exercise more.  It really depends on you and what you are doing right now.

The weight loss plan you choose must be easy for you, you must be able to fit it into your everyday life, you must not give up, you need to look to the future.  Find a photo of yourself looking great and stick up on the fridge or somewhere where you will see it all the time - to help motivate you!

I don't think that anyone can recommend any one program as the best - i think it depends on your body and your mindset. 

I think that the best weight loss program for you is the one that works for you- for instance: alli weight loss pills worked really well for my friend Star, but not for me.  My friend Katrina was able to use acai berry & supplements to lose weight.  Again this did not work for me.  After many combinations I have been successful with a combination of products.  But have found that plenty of water and moving more than i did yesterday is working well, I think it will take me another 6 months to lose all the weight i want to but i am motivated now and am looking forward to looking and feeling great again.

Talk soon, until then:
  • have a great day, 
  • drink 4 x 16oz glasses of water,
  • move more today than you did yesterday
  • get a good night's sleep  

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